Are you a “daddy lover”? Hey, it’s okay ….

daddy lover #2Hi, friends and readers:

It’s a fact that there exists a fairly large subset of young gay men who don’t like guys their own age; they like older men with more life experience. And why not? Who says you have to have a partner whose age is similar to yours?

Several years ago I wrote a short story titled Daddy Lover. It appears in the anthology titled Boys Who Love Men. The story’s narrator, Bradley Sturdeyvant, says this about his taste in men:

“I’m nineteen and queer, but I’m not attracted to guys my age. I find them shallow and insubstantial. Straight boys are fixated on sports and pussy, gay boys upon wardrobe and hair style. My taste runs to mature men, fellows in their forties and fifties with salt and pepper hair. Guys with baritone voices who speak with a confidence only experience imparts.

“Yeah, I’m a daddy lover; I don’t know why. Maybe ’cause I grew up without a father? (Pop, you bastard. How come you deserted me and Mom?)”

daddy loverAnyway, the boys in today’s photo posts certainly look happy with their daddies, don’t they?

I overslept this morning, so I didn’t get to take my usual morning walk on the beach. I hate missing the walk, but I like to get to the keyboard by nine AM, so I made a pot of coffee, ate a quick breakfast, and then got to work on my novel-in-progress, which is already 21,000 words in length and not even half-way finished.

My boyfriend and I had a nice dinner at a seafood place last night, an informal, waterfront restaurant about a mile from our house. Our server was cute as hell–so was the busboy–and our food was really good. We came home to watch a little hockey on TV, and then I hit the hay; I was tired after my very busy afternoon.

My boyfriend is done with his classes for the semester. Now he has to study for his final exams, so he’s home today, holed up in his office with his books and his class notes. I was a law student myself once (That was a few years ago.) and I know how tough exam-time can be, so I’ll stay out of his hair.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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