Guys in backward ball caps; pretty morning on the island ….

ball cap backward #4Hi, friends and readers:

Certain guys can look very sexy when they wear their ball caps backward, but I’m not sure why. I guess because it lends an air of irreverence to their appearance. Anyway, I think the boys in today’s photo posts look terrific in their backward caps. Don’t you? I mean, could you imagine planting a kiss on Mr. Dark Eyebrows, here to the left? Aye-yi-yi. Id’ even let him wear the ball cap i the bedroom if he wanted to …. 😉

I rose at seven AM. I got dressed and then I had to drive into the city to have my blood drawn for my semi-annual medical checkup, which comes up in about two weeks. I try to keep a careful watch on my health; it’s important to me, so I go through this every six months. The wait at the lab wasn’t too long. I got stuck. Then the lady put a bandage on my arm, and I was off. By the time I got home the time was nearly 8:30 AM, so instead of taking my usual beach walk I got to work on my novel-in-progress.

Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone

Check out Mr. Basketball Shorts to the left here. Doesn’t her look cute with his ball cap turned backward and his boxer briefs showing? It looks like he’s just removed his shirt and ow he’s re-settling his cap on his head. Apparently his name is Austin Mahone. What a lovely lad ….

Now it’s 11:15 AM and I am done writing new stuff for the day. My boyfriend is busy studying for is final exams, and I’m thinking about taking that beach walk before lunch, since I have the time. It’s so pretty outdoors this morning: sunny, dry, and cool, with only a light breeze blowing.

This afternoon I have an appointment in the city, and then I’ll return to our island, where I will take a 1-1/2 mile run on the street. Monday I bought a new pair of Asics running shoes to celebrate my return to running after a four-year hiatus, and I love the new shoes. It feels so good to be able to run again, now that I have new knees. 🙂

Okay, everyone, I need to get moving, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Thursday, wherever you might be today.


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