More backward ball caps; fun night in store for Martin and his b/f ….

ball cap backward ##11Hi, friends and readers:

I liked the “backward ball cap” photos I posted this morning so much that I decided to put up two more of my favorites tonight. Don’t you just love Mr. Biceps to the left here? Look at that dark hair and those dark eyes; he’s definitely my type all the way. I’d love to run my tongue over his biceps while he’s flexing like that … 🙂

I had an easy afternoon. I got a little housework done, and then I drove into the city for my appointment. When I returned to the island, I took a 1-1/2 mile run on the street, and now I’m home drinking a cold beer.

ball cap backward #3Tonight is going to be fun. We have a vacation rental next door to us, and for the past three weeks our guests have been a very nice gay couple from upstate New York. They have really enjoyed their stay, and they are taking us out to a seafood place for dinner tonight, which I think is pretty darned nice. Afterward, my boyfriend and I will watch the second half of the Tampa Bay Lightning’s fifth playoff game against Detroit. The Bolts are up 3-1, so they might take the whole thing tonight. It’ll be fun watching, and even more fun if they win.

All right, friends, I have to hop into the shower so I’m smelling like a rose for our dinner date. Wherever you are tonight, I hope the sun is shining and you’re with the friends and family you love. And if you’re under the age of thirty, turn your ball cap backward. It’ll look cute on you. 🙂

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