A sexy video clip for your Friday: a long-haired babe pleasures himself for your viewing ….

in the car #2Hi, friends and readers:

How come I always get so horny on Friday afternoons when I get home from the YMCA after working out and swimming laps? Maybe it’s because my lungs have been pumping and my muscles have been put to use; I don’t know. But this afternoon I could probably screw a goat if there was one in our neighborhood. 😉

Yes, my boyfriend is at home but he’s immersed in studying for his final exams at the law school; he doesn’t have any free time at the moment, so I am left to my own devices. 🙁

Anyway, I came across a very sexy video clip, self-made by a beautiful young man with the most amazing long hair and the sexiest lips. Essentially, he jerks off with his legs hiked and then he shoots his load onto his own face. Here’s the link, if you are over eighteen:


Enjoy, friends, and have a great Friday night.


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