More twinks. I’m getting packed for my trip ….

twink #12Hi, friends and readers:

Since today is Twink Day on this site, I am posting two more twink photos here this evening. This kid to the left looks like he could be quite the cut-up, and check out all those athletic trophies and awards he has in his bedroom. I wonder if he gets good grades in school?

I’ve had a productive day. After proofread-ing most of the morning, I spent a good part of this afternoon doing a thorough house cleaning with my boyfriend. I mean, we even cleaned the Venetian blinds that needed it. Now the house is sparkling and it smells fresh; it’s a nice feeling.

twink #6I’ve also begun packing for my trip to Southern California. I leave Tuesday morning. A group of us will travel by car to Nevada, where an outfitting company will take us to a drop off spot on the Colorado River. Then we’ll kayak for three days on the river. It’s going to be an experience of a lifetime, I know.

By the way, doesn’t the boy to the left look like a sweetie? He’ll be a good-looking man in just a few years. Does that look like San Diego in the background? That coastline sure looks like it …

We don’t have much planned for this evening. I’m cooking a chicken dish for our dinner, and I think we’ll be watching some playoff hockey after my boyfriend finishes studying for the day. Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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