New cover for my anthology, “Sebastian Inlet” ….

Sebastian Inlet for CreatespaceHi, friends and readers:

When I published my four-story anthology, Sebastian Inlet, I was never happy with the cover I designed; it didn’t capture the flavor of the stories in the book, particularly the story leading off the volume. So last week, before I left for California, I redesigned the cover and replaced the old one with this new one to the left. I like the new cover much better; the photo actually looks like a scene from the first story, which is one of my favorite short stories I have ever written.

The guy in the cover photo reminds me exactly of the story’s main character, Tate, who first discovers he is gay on a surfing outing with his idiot cousin and his cousin’s idiot friends.

Sebastian Inlet has done quite well since it first released, but I am hoping this new cover will draw additional interest to the book. It’s available in both print and digital versions. Here’s a link to the book’s listing on Amazon Books:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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