Hot guys in white towels; busy day ahead for Martin ….

white towel #2Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in college I lived in a fraternity house for two years. I was 19 and 20 years old and perpetually horny. Each floor of the house had a dozen rooms, each occupied by two brothers. We shared a communal bathroom/shower room, and guys would always cruise down the hallways wearing only white towels wrapped around their waists, clutching their soap and shampoo. It was sexy as hell; I always looked forward to morning and evening shower time, so I could watch the parade go past my open door. The guys mostly had bodies like the men do in today’s photo posts. Oh, how long ago that was ….

white towelI had a very restless night’s sleep last night; I think because my body clock is still adjusting from my California/ Nevada excursion and the excesses I subjected it to during the trip. As a result I slept in this morning until 8:30 and I didn’t get to walk on the beach like I normally do in the morning. It’s okay, I had a productive writing session this morning, which I just finished. I worked on my new novel-in-progress, and I am liking the book very much. Maybe I should write a scene where one of the main characters walks around in a white towel?

I have a busy day ahead. Right after lunch my boyfriend and I will visit the YMCA fr a workout and lap-swimming. We’ll visit the wine market and flower shop. Then, around six PM we’ll cruise over to Tampa to attend a friend’s birthday party. She’s married and a total sweetie, and I’m looking forward to spending time with a nice crowd of people. We won’t stay too late because we need to get a good night’s rest. We’re hosting a Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow for about 25 guests, and there’s much to do in preparation.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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  1. Well I’m glad your college experience was better than how mine’s been going. You know back in your time people actually wanted to make friends and socialize, now everyone is addicted to Facebook and stupid video games. I tried making friends with this one guy who I met during orientation and I asked him if maybe he’d want to go do something sometime and the next thing that came out is his mouth was so pathetic I stopped talking to him. He said to me that he doesn’t really go out anymore since his high school buddies moved and all he does is sit in his room and play video games all day. Then last semester I ended up trying to make friends with another dude. He was part of our group in one of my classes and I had texted about various things for a while, but the problem with texting is that when you’re the one who always has to initiate the conversation, then there is no friendship from my experience. I tried making friends with him but he didn’t seem to interested. Then one day in class I asked him if he ever hangs with people and he told me “only if they are worth it” to him. I thought, “Well gee, I guess I am not worth it to you now am I? You see Martin I have tried to make friends and I have tried to enjoy college but I just keep running into the same bullshit everywhere I go. All I can say is that this fucking Computer Systems Technology degree better pay off in the end or this will be the biggest waste of time in my life. That’s part of my thoughts, the rest will continue later.

    • Hi, Dalton:

      That is just terrible. Maybe because of the major you chose your classmates are not the “personal interaction” types, and maybe you should look beyond them. Isn’t there a gay student association at your school? That might be a start. Anyway, I’m sorry for your college experience to date. Believe me, the degree you will earn will be worth a great deal when it comes to your future. Education is the best investment of time and money you can make. As for the social situation, don’t give up hope. There are people out there who enjoy personal interaction, even people your age. I’m certain of it. Have a nice weekend.


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