A sexy sailor in black-and-white; party time on the island ….

black and white beauty #9Hi, friends and readers:

Once in a while someone will ask me to post a photo of someone who looks like a character in one of my books, and if I can I will.

A reader sent me a message yesterday. He said, “I just finished your book of stories called Sebastian Inlet. My favorite story was Fuck Me … Please. And I really liked the character named Tyler. Could you post a photo of a guy who looks like Tyler on your website?”

Well, sure ….

Here’s how the narrator in Fuck Me … Please describes Tyler:

“He was my age, probably five-ten, maybe one hundred and fifty pounds. He had what I call ‘pretty boy’ features: a turned-up nose, dick-sucking lips, and craggy cheekbones. His eyelashes were long, like a girl’s. When he blinked, it was hard not to notice. His hair was dark, cut short on the sides, a bit of length on top.”

If you’ve read Fuck Me … Please then you know Tyler is a submariner, a Navy man. The other main character is Forrest, an ex-Marine. They meet in a bar in San Francisco and, well …. I won’t spoil the story. But the upper photo I’ve posted here this morning looks just like Tyler. He’s cute, isn’t he?

blond beauty #3The guy in the photo to the left here looks pretty much like the other main character, Forrest, except for the long hair, which in Forrest’s case would be buzzed short. Forrest is a total hunk, while Tyler is more … wiry. And I think they make the perfect couple. Would you agree?

Today we are hosting our annual Cinco de Mayo party at our home, and it’s a perfect day for it. The sun is shining, the temperature will reach 81 degrees F, and the wind has died, which all makes for a perfect beach day.

My boyfriend has prepared all the ingredients for fish and beef tacos, and everyone else is bringing sides. We have two coolers crammed full of Mexican beer, and bottles of tequila and mixers to make Margaritas. I don’t think anyone will go hungry or thirsty this afternoon. And with any luck no one will go home with a sunburn. 🙂

All right, everyone, we still have much to do in preparation for the party, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday, wherever you might be.

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