Lover boys smooching; quiet night ahead for Martin ….

lover boys #19Hi, friends and readers:

I love photos of two guys kissing. When I was a young man you never saw two guys kiss. It was completely verboten. But now it seems to be quite acceptable, or at least tolerated, even in public places. How refreshing is that?

Anyway, I absolutely love the two photos I have posted here this evening for your viewing pleasure. The boys in the top photo are so cute, and they clearly are crazy for each other. I wonder what their names are and where they live?

Late this morning, after I finished writing for the day, I decided to clean our two bathrooms and our kitchen. All three were slightly grungy after the Cinco de Mayo party that was held here last Saturday. So I got into my grub clothes and brought out the cleaning supplies and got to work. It only took about 90 minutes, ad now the kitchen and bathrooms are sparkling.

lover boys #11After lunch I took care of some paperwork I had to fill out for an appointment next week, and then I took a 1-1/2 mile run, here on the island, which was kind of treacherous because of all the beachgoer traffic that comes out here on Saturdays at this time of year. I was dodging cars left and right, but I finished my run and it felt great to get my cardio system pumping.  After a nice warm shower I felt as relaxed as can be, and now I’m ready for a nice evening.

I’m not doing much. As mentioned this morning I’ll fix a vegetarian meal for my dinner tonight, one I used to cook in college all the time. I’ll enjoy a bottle of wine and maybe watch a movie on Netflix if I can find one. Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

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