More hot boys at the beach; pretty evening on the island ….

beach boy #12Hi, friends and readers:

The sights at our beach today were so amazing I took two walks of three miles each today. Oh, the lads were so lovely i their swimtrunks and showing off all that smooth flesh. Yummy! A nice breeze was blowing   down there this afternoon; it kept things pleasant. But sadly, I didn’t see either of the guys in tonight’s photo posts. 🙁 It’s all right, I saw plenty of other hotties to keep my attention as I ambled along the shore. Check out the upper photo. Don’t you love the way the sunlight plays on the young man’s face and torso?  😉

beach boy #6I had a nice day. After I took my 1-1/2 mile run, I changed from running clothes into working clothes, and then I spent about 90 minutes working in my yard, mostly raking up dead leaves and doing a bit of shrubbery trimming. I talked with my neighbors and also with my guests who are renting my vacation apartment. By the time I was done the time was about 4:30 PM and it was time for a warm shower.

It’s beautiful here tonight: sunny, dry, and breezy. I just opened a cold Sol beer left over form the Cinco de Mayo party last Saturday, and I’ll do a little editing on my novel-in-progress once I’m done posting here. Since I’m spending my evening by myself I may watch another Netflix streaming movie while I eat dinner, and then maybe I will go for an evening walk before getting into bed to read myself to sleep.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends, wherever you might be.

4 thoughts on “More hot boys at the beach; pretty evening on the island ….

    • Hi, Dalton:

      Well, a certain amount of physical attraction is a must, but looks alone will never make me want to have a relationship with a guy. I want character: honesty, kindness, humility, and tenderness. Without those, I’m not interested. By the way, I hope next school year goes better for you. There has to be at least one guy you can connect with.


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