Sexy wrestlers; good day for Martin ….

wrestler #8Hi, friends and readers:

Ever attended a high school or college wrestling tournament? Well I have, and I can tell you that the sights are sometimes spectacular, and the sport itself is interesting if you don’t spend all your time staring at a hot guy in his wrestling singlet. Wrestlers are very dedicated athletes. It takes a lot of training and self-discipline to succeed in the sport, and even diet is a huge factor in keeping yourself in the right weight class.

It also might surprise you to know that a fair number of gay boys and men participate in the sport. I know this because I used to hear from them all the time when I raised the topic a few years ago on this website. All the gay wrestlers told me the same  thing: sex is not on their mind at all when they a grappling with another guy on the mat. All they’re thinking about is winning.

wrestler #3A few wrestlers told me they were out to their coaches and teammates, but the vast majority  said they were not because the sport tends to be a bit homophobic. Anyway, I think the guys in today’s photo posts look great in their singlets, especially Mr. Medal here to the left. What a body …. 😉

I didn’t post this morning because I did not get out of bed until eleven AM. I’m not sure why I slept so late. I guess I was tired from walking six miles yesterday, then running 1-1/2 miles, and then doing yard work for 90 minutes. All I had time to do was read the newspaper and eat a quick lunch before I departed for the cit to visit the YMCA for my usual workout and lap-swimming.

After the YMCA I visited our island’s supermarket to stock my fridge and cupboards, and now it well past five PM. I’m feeling good and I am ready for a relaxed evening. The Tampa Bay Lightning have a playoff game against Pittsburgh on TV tonight, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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