Sexy guys fast asleep; quiet morning on the island ….

asleepHi, friends and readers:

There is something terribly sexy about walking into a room where a young man is fast asleep. Because he is not conscious his normal masculine defenses are not in force. He is, in a sense, vulnerable in a way you would not normally see him. And to be truthful I could sit for hours, just watching him breathe and shift position occasionally on the bed he’s occupying.

I rose around eight this morning, to take my usual three mile walk on the beach. It was nice down there. The sky was overcast, which kept the heat at bay. The Gulf was still, and I saw the same roseate spoonbill in the same spot that I saw him at two days ago. I think he might be a permanent resident.

asleep #6Have a look at the photo to the left. Okay, he’s pretty beefy and woolly, but I still think the photo is sexy as hell. And I wouldn’t wake him up if you offered to pay me a thousand dollars to do so. I’d just sit there and watch him. Do you think that cot he’s sleeping on is comfortable?

It’s very quiet on the island today, after all the mobs we had out here over the weekend. I don’t have much planned for my day, other than working on my novel-in-progress and taking a 1-1/2 mile run this afternoon. I may do a little yard work after my run too, but that’s about it.

All right, everyone, my novel is calling me, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday, and if your boyfriend happens to be napping when you read this, don’t wake him. Just sit there and watch him. 🙂

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