Sexy guys and their selfies; typical Wednesday for Martin ….

camera #15Hi, friends and readers:

Selfies don’t really count for much in my book, when it comes to quality photography, but if a boy’s cute enough or sexy enough then sometimes I’ll post a pair of selfies like the ones I am putting up here today. The boy in the top photo qualifies as “cute” while the guy in the lower photo I’d call “sexy.” Enjoy ….

Well, I had a medical appointment this morning that ate up a couple of hours, but now I am home and it’s nearly lunchtime. On my way home I bought a bouquet f fresh daisies to put in my crystal vase I bought in Prague about twenty years ago. They look great on my dining table. 🙂

camera #16Today will be a typical Wednesday for me. After I have lunch I will drive into the city to visit the YMCA for my usual workout and lap-swimming sessions. I try to visit three times a week to help keep myself in shape. It’s good for me. And now that I can run again, I will hit the jogging trail three days a week as well, taking Sunday off so I don’t tax my new knees too much.

I have decided to eschew eating beef pork and chicken this summer. I’ll eat vegetarian, with the exception of fish and shellfish. Along with my exercise regimen, I hope to lose ten pounds by the end of July. We’ll see …..

Outside it’s warm and humid, typical mid-May weather for central Florida. I’m loving my new air conditioning system; it keeps things dry and cool in the house without using much electricity. Have a great Wednesday, friends.

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