One of the sexiest guys around; I’m back from a nice, out-of-town weekend ….

abs #5Hi, friends and readers:

I came across the photo to the left a few days ago, and I told myself, “That guy on the left is super-hot. Don’t I know him from somewhere?” It was only later that I realized I had posted two of his photos before, one of which was among the sexiest pictures I posted in 2014.

I don’t know who he is or where he lives but I sure would like to know. I’m guessing he’s … Gabe from San Diego, where he attends UCSD and majors in surfing.

camera #3Here’s the selfie of Gabe I put up last year. Is he amazing or what? And I like the backward ball cap look on him. He’s clearly a snap-back devotee. I think he must have a 28-inch waist, and I’m jealous as hell. 🙁

Well, we spent a wonderful weekend at our friend’s house on an island about twenty miles south of here. The island is very tropical and isolated. We cycled, jogged, went sea kayaking, and fished. The weather was beautiful and the house was super-comfortable with high ceilings and outdoor decks on each floor with nice water views. What a great weekend.

abs #6Okay, here’s a third photo of Gabe I posted once before, again not realizing it was Gabe at the time. He looks a little stoned in this photo; I wonder if he was at the time? Check out his arm and shoulder muscles. Gabe no doubt spends a good deal of time at the gym.

It’s Monday afternoon now, and we are back at home, but soon my boyfriend has to travel down south so he can return to his summer job tomorrow. I hate to see him go, but his career has to come first, so I will kiss him goodbye and wish him a good week.

Have a nice Monday everyone, and happy Memorial Day to you.

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