More photos of Mr. Cutie; storm continues to howl outside ….

cute as hell #4Hi, friends and readers:

I know you guys liked the photos of Mr. Cutie I posted this morning, and now I am posting two more I know you’ll like as much as I do. What a babe …. 🙂

It’s been a crappy day here because Tropical Storm Colin continues to hurl wind and rain out our little island, to the point that it’s not really safe to go outside. I can’t drive anywhere either because the road off the island is closed due to flooding. That meant I could not visit the YMCA today or go any place else but our island market. 🙁

cute as hell #3Check out this nice bedroom shot of Mr. Cutie. God, it makes me want to  crawl right into the picture so I could snuggle next to him on the mattress. I wonder who took the photo? His boyfriend?

So, I have been housebound all day, and of course I spent the day alone. I am going stir crazy; I can’t wait for this storm to go away, which is supposed to happen tomorrow. I am having eye surgery tomorrow to remove a cataract from my left eye that is causing blurry vision. It’s a simple procedure; I’ve already had my right eye done, about five years ago, and now my vision in the right eye is perfect.

All right, everyone, enjoy the photos of Mr. Perfect. And have a nice Monday evening.


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