Naked sand volleyball? What’s next?

nude volleyballHi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the photo to the left. The lad in the photo is clearly engaged in a nude sand volleyball contest. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that except, but what if he has to make one of the diving saves into the sand? Would that be a little hard on his genitals? Oh well, he doesn’t seem too stressed about it, so good for him. I am presuming the photo was shot in a clothing optional facility, and it looks like Florida to me, with the palm trees in the background. I wonder where the place is.

I have nothing against clothing optional beaches or other such facilities, but every time I’ve been in one, all the wrong people are naked, and it’s not too pretty. But I could watch the guy in the photo play all day long. 😉

It’s been a quiet day for me. I was urged to take it easy by my doctor, so I did. I read two newspapers and did three crossword puzzles. I read part of a nonfiction book that’s pretty deep but interesting. And I also visited our island’s supermarket to stock my fridge and cupboards. Around four PM I took a three-mile walk on our beach, which was quite pleasant, due to a nice sea breeze coming off the Gulf of Mexico.

I’ll take it easy tonight. I baking fresh fish for my dinner, and I will probably watch a Netflix movie tonight. Have a good Wednesday evening, friends.

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