Hot guys with killer abs; quiet day on the island ….



Hi, friends and readers:

It’s interesting how so many of today’s young men own a set of killer abdominal muscles. When I was in college hardly anyone had a six-pack, but now you see a lot of guys under twenty-five with abs so hard you could tap dance on them.

The sad thing is, once a guy reaches twenty-five it’s almost impossibly for him to sustain his six-pack because his metabolism starts slowing down and then his body doesn’t process calories as efficiently as it once did. Goodbye, abs. 🙁

abs #7Oh, well, we can enjoy looking at ripped young men like the guys in today’s photo posts, knowing that although they won’t have their abs for long, other younger guys will.

I once wrote about this topic in my short story, Dream Boy. It appears in my anthology titled Flawed Boys. In the story, the narrator says:

“The world produces an endless supply of handsome young men who, for a brief time, are close to physical perfection. Oblivious to their own beauty, they don’t realize something: soon their waists will thicken, their hair will thin, and their cheekbones will lose their prominence. Their abdominal muscles will disappear from view and then they’ll become just . . . ordinary.”

abs #4Okay, that sounds pretty shallow, doesn’t it? You don’t stop loving your boyfriend or partner just because he doesn’t have a six-pack anymore, do you? Change is part of life, and that includes physical change.

I woke at seven AM this morning. After I put drops in my eyes (It’s required after eye surgery like I just had.) I put on my sunglasses, and then I walked three miles on the beach down the street from my house. Because the hour was early the temperature was comfortable; I didn’t even break a sweat. I’m not allowed to swim for another six days, again because of my surgery, so I came home and got to work on my novel-in-progress, which is now at 32,000 words and going strong. Now it’s eleven AM and I am done writing new material for the day.

Since I can’t run or work out either, I’m pretty much restricted as to what I can do physically. I plan to read the newspaper, do a crossword puzzle or two, and eat lunch. I may try to do a little yard work this afternoon if we have some cloud cover. And I’ll read more of the history book I’m plowing through slowly.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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