Sexy boys in ball caps; good day for Martin ….

ball cap #2Hi, friends and readers:

Ball caps look really good on certain guys; I guess because they have the right face for wearing one. Doesn’t the guy to the left look great in his? Um-m-m, his body looks pretty good too. Why doesn’t he live next door to me? I’d fill his bird feeder for him if he was nice to me. 😉

It’s been a good afternoon. I took care of correspondence, did a little housework, and then spent 90 minutes doing yard work to clean up after the mess Tropical Storm Colin left me. There were little tree branches and leaves all over our patios, and I had to spray for weeds out front too. Okay, it was warm but I stuck to the shady places mostly, and now things look great again.

ball capCheck out Mr. Cuteness to the left here. He definitely has the boy-next-door look, doesn’t he? I wonder if he’d like to play pitch-and-catch with me in my back yard if we were neighbors. 🙂

I have an easy evening ahead of me. I’ll cook a vegetarian dish for me dinner, and then a friend/neighbor and I will visit my timeshare to swim in the pool. It’s warm here tonight, so the pool will feel great.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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