Beautiful blond boys; busy day ahead for Martin ….

blond beauty #6Hi, friends and readers:

I’m a sucker for fair-skinned guys with dark hair and eyes. That’s my preference. But I also understand the appeal of suntanned boys with blond hair and blue eyes, so I am posting photos of two such guys this morning. They’re pretty sexy, aren’t they? And no, I don’t know what that big yellow thing is in the photo to the left. Just ignore it and focus on Mr. Cutie, okay?

I had a sudden change of plans last night when a friend arrived around 7:30 with a bottle of wine. I cooked dinner for us, and then we discussed plans for an upcoming trip to Cuba we might take next month. I’ve never been to Cuba but my friend has and he tells me it’s a very cool place, albeit somewhat difficult to visit right now. We stayed up way too late, drinking wine on my back porch, and thus I slept in late this morning and did not take my usual morning walk on the beach. That’s okay, but I have a lot to do today, and so I need to get busy.

blond beauty #5My boyfriend will come home this evening to spend the weekend with me, and tomorrow morning we will load up the Element with gear and food, and then we’ll drive up to a marina on the coast, where we keep our boat. We’ll take the boat six miles down the river to our fishing camp, located on an island where the river empties into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a pretty place and the weather’s supposed to be good tomorrow. Maybe we’ll catch some fish, but we will certainly spend some quality time alone while there. 🙂

This afternoon I will visit the wine market, the supermarket, and the bait shop, to purchase things for our trip. I’ll need to pack clothes and toiletries, and generally get things ready so we can leave first thing in the morning. I need to get busy, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a great Friday, wherever you are.

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