Hot guys in skimpy briefs; nice evening ahead for Martin ….

briefs #5Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys look so hot when they’re only wearing a pair of skimpy briefs that leave little to the imagination. I mean, look at Mr. Muscles to the left here. If he were your boyfriend would he be wearing those briefs for long? Un-uh …. (“Take ’em off Jerrod. I’ll let you know when you can have them back.”) 🙂

I’ve had a very productive day, and now I am ready to relax. I went to the booze store, the bait house, and the supermarket. I got our clothes and necessaries packed, and all the stuff we’ll need for the boat and cabin is ready to go in the morning. I just returned from the seafood market with fresh grouper for our dinner  tonight.

I also reserved three seats on a round trip flight I will take to Cuba with friends in July. It wasn’t easy because the lady I dealt with at the travel agency didn’t speak English too well, so it took a little while. But now we’re set.

briefsI love this photo to the left. Doesn;t it make you want to crawl right into bed with Mr. Powder Blue Briefs, who appears to be sporting a boner? What do you think he’ll do with it? Yummy ….

It’s around five PM here, and in just a few minutes I will hop in the shower. Then I’ll enjoy a few cold beers while I await my boyfriend’s arrival for the weekend. I’ll make us a nice dinner with the grouper, and then we’ll probably relax and watch a Netflix movie. I’m tired from all my labors today, and he’ll be tired from his work-week.

Have a nice Friday night, friends.



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