The Orlando massacre: an LGBT nightmare ….

gay prideHi, friends and readers:

I try to keep things upbeat on this site. After all, there is so much sadness and pain in the world that we need a little uplifting in our days, right? But I cannot ignore the events in Orlando yesterday that have shaken the LGBT community to its core. That a single crazed individual was able to murder fifty innocent people and wound fifty-three more, using an assault rifle, is just unfathomable.

There are two issues involved here. One is the killer’s hate of LGBT people, which I suppose stems from his personal interpretation of Islam. The second is the ease with which he was able to purchase an assault rifle, entirely legally, even after he’d been flagged as a suspicious character by the FBI.

This is full-blown insanity. No one, and I mean NO ONE has a constitutional right to own an assault rifle. These weapons are not used to hunt deer or elk. The have one purpose: to kill a whole lot of people in very little time. So why are they even available for sale?

Some have characterized the murderer in Orlando as “disenfranchised”, which I take to mean he was a loser. Someone with no life, no friends, and no future. Fine. Why didn’t he just shoot himself instead of killing or wounding over one hundred people?

To the families of the dead, aside from the killer’s family, I offer my deepest sympathies. Your loved ones didn’t deserve this. To the NRA and its supporters, all I can say is for shame. Because of you this tragedy was able to occur.

I urge Congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban. I would also urge the federal government to enact a buy-back plan whereby all assault weapons in this country must be turned in, in exchange for fair compensation. I as a taxpayer would fully support such a program. Let’s get these weapons out of reach of the nut cases in our society.

End of rant.

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  1. Martin I love your blog and I respect you as an individual. You and I both went to law school. I view the Second Amendment differently than you do apparently. The “shot that was heard around the world ” was fired on Lexington bridge when the British – prior to the Declaration of Independence – we’re marching to seize powder and muskets from the local militia. The founding fathers did not insist upon the second amendment to preserve hunting rights. And I personally fear black uniformed homeland security more then lone gunmen. And searching for the reason for the Orlando killers motivation I think it is instructive that not too awfully long ago an Imam preached death to homosexuals in Orlando.

      • Absolutely right Martin! Although we have never met from your blogs of the past several years I almost feel like I know you. And I do like you!
        All the best

  2. After two vigils, an MCC memorial service, and a week of reading rants and postings, I was hoping to be able to post something profound about this tragedy, but I don’t think I can say anything that hasn’t already been said. One thought keeps coming to me, though. With all the advances in the lgbt community, there will still be those who hate us. The fact that we exist proves that the human race is much more complex than religious fanatics, political extremists, and other forced-conformity types can accept. Like it or not, I think we are destined to be a perennially persecuted minority, such as blacks and Jews. I think we need to keep being “out loud and proud,” but don’t be surprised when these bad things happen.

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