More Matt Meola photos; quiet night ahead for Martin ….

matt meola #5Hi, friends and readers:

Matt Meola is such a gorgeous guy, so why doesn’t he take better care of his appearance? Most of the time he’s sporting a scraggly beard and wearing shabby clothes. Maybe he needs a boyfriend …. 🙂

I had a pretty easy day. Since I can’t run, lift weights, or swim laps until tomorrow, I had to satisfy myself with a three-mile beach walk this afternoon for exercise. Not too satisfying, but better than nothing.

matt meola #8Outside it’s terribly hot and humid. At this time of year I don’t spend much time in the outdoors between the hours of nine AM and six PM; it’s just too damned hot. I’m sitting in the air conditioned comfort of my home, sipping from a cold beer, and deciding what I will do this evening. I’m dining vegetarian tonight; I bought a bunch of fresh veggies at the supermarket this afternoon. And after dinner I’ll likely watch a Netflix streaming movie.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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