Sexy Matt Meola; another steamy day on the island ….

matt meola #3Hi, friends and readers:

The guy you see in today’s photo posts is a surfer from Maui named Matt Meola. If you check the sidebar to the right you can see his photo labeled “Martin’s favorite surfer”, and if you click on the photo you can see Matt’s surfing abilities in a video shot in Maui.

Matt is a gorgeous guy, but like many surfers he is straight 🙁 and utterly tasteless when it comes to personal grooming and clothing choices. Those sorts of things don’t seem to matter to Matt, but I still think he is beautiful, and he is one of the planet’s greatest surfers.

matt meaola #2I slept in too late this morning to take a walk on the beach. I don’t know why but I seem to feel sleep-deprived lately. Maybe it’s the absence of my boyfriend or maybe it’s related to last week’s eye surgery, or maybe it’s the intense heat and humidity outside, but all I want to do is sleep nine or ten hours a day. It’s weird, and I don’t like it, but I’ve gone through these spells before and I know this one will pass.

I don’t have much on my plate today, other than writing new material for my novel-in-progress. I need to make a run to the supermarket, and I’ll take a three mile walk on the beach once we get an afternoon sea breeze.

I don’t have anything planned for my evening either, but since I have Netflix streaming on my computer/ TV I think I will pick out a movie to watch, after I have my dinner. Have a nice Tuesday, everyone, wherever you might be today.

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