Hot boys in the car; good workout for Martin ….

in the car #4Hi, friends and readers:

I love photos of guys inside their cars. They remind me of long road trips my boyfriend and I have gone on when we get bored and then decide to get a little wicked, just to pass the time. Check out Mr. Smiley to the left here. Think it might be fun to lower his zipper and cop a feel for a half hour? Yummm.

It was great returning to the YMCA this afternoon, after a ten-day hiatus. My workout went very smoothly; I didn’t feel strained at all. Sadly, the summer camp kids were in the pool so I didn’t get to swim laps. I’ll need to adjust my schedule to avoid this in the future.

in the carIt is so hot here today. The temperature outside is 94 degrees F, and the humidity has to be around ninety, which makes for steam bath-like conditions. At least my new a/c system is performing beautifully, and it’s so nice and cool and dry inside my house.

Check out Mr. Earring to the left here. Like to get in his pants while you’re on the road? Of course you would.

So, it’s 4:15 PM and I’m about to hop in the shower. I’ll have a beer or two before I get in the car and drive into town to share dinner with my friend I mentioned this morning. Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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