Beautiful guys on boats; busy day ahead for Martin ….

on the boat #6Hi, friends and readers:

I live on an island so I am surrounded by water. Boating is a way of life in the Tampa Bay area, and all day long sailboats and powerboats cruise past my home, often crewed by good-looking guys who are doing a bit of partying and not wearing much. It  makes for interesting viewing from my observation deck. Do you think the guys in today’s photo posts are beautiful? Well, sure do. I don’t know which I’d rather spend time on the water with, but then I don’t have to choose, do I?

on the boat #8I had a great time last night at my friend’s place that’s about twenty minutes south of here. My boyfriend met us there, as did another friend. We drank a few beers, and then prepared a joint dinner. My contribution was fresh grouper that I basted in butter and lemon juice, and then coated with bread crumbs. Delicious ….

Speaking of delicious, wouldn’t you like to go fishing with the guy in the middle photo. He looks great in those swim trunks, doesn’t he? I’ll bet he has a twenty-eight inch waist. How come I don’t anymore? 🙁

on the boat #7I will not be posting again today, nor will I post tomorrow, so I thought I’d put up a third photo here this morning, so you guys have plenty to enjoy while I am gone on a surfing excursion to Florida’s east coast with three friends. I’m staying at one friend’s house in Tampa tonight–we’ll do dinner and hang out–and we’ll leave for Cocoa Beach in the morning.

I have not surfed in about eighteen months, due to my bad knees and then the knee replacement surgery I had during May of last year, so this will be a bit of a challenge. But I love surfing and I refuse to give it up, so I’ll be on the water tomorrow with my Ukulele board and my friends. I can’t wait ….

Have a nice Friday and a good weekend, friends. I’ll post again on Sunday, when I get back home.

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