Sexy skateboarders; typical Wednesday for Martin ….

skater pic #11Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve always had a thing for skate-boarders, especially when they’re not wearing shirts, which is much of the time. Okay, skaters aren’t into personal grooming and they sometimes fall short on personal hygiene, but I’ve always liked their nonconformist attitude and their dedication to their sport. I’ve known many skaters in my time, some gay and some straight, and I never met one I didn’t like. Do you find the guys in today’s photo posts as appealing as I do? 😉

skater pic #4I had a nice dinner meeting with my Cuba traveling companions last night. When I got home I was tired so I went to bed early. Then I ended up waking up at 4:30 AM. I knew I’d never get back to sleep if I didn’t take action, so I drank a glass of white wine and read for a while, and then I finally got back to sleep around six AM.

I didn’t get up until 9:30 AM, so I skipped my walk on the beach. I worked on my novel-in-progress for about 90 minutes, and then I took care of correspondence. Now it’s about eleven AM, and after I finish this post I will take care of a few household chores.

This will be a typical Wednesday for me. After lunch I’ll drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. I’ll hit the seafood market on the way home for some fresh Gulf shrimp for my dinner. I don’t have any plans for my evening; I’ll probably do a little editing on my new novel, and then I’ll watch the remainder of my current Netflix movie I’m watching.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Sexy skateboarders; typical Wednesday for Martin ….

  1. One thing I’ve never seen, but think would be hot, is to see erotic pictures and porn with guys pressing their skateboards against their bodies in provocative and seductive positions. Or surfboards, for that matter.

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