Beautiful Francisco Lachowski; lazy Sunday on the island ….

francisco lachowski #2Hi, friends and readers:

I always love it when I come across a photo of Francisco Lachowski I have not seen before, like the two I have posted here today. Doesn’t Francisco look terrific in the ultra-skimpy briefs? I’m assuming the photo was taken backstage at a fashion show where Francisco was modeling clothing. Why wasn’t I backstage at the time? I think Francisco must’ve been pretty young when the photo was taken, like maybe nineteen or twenty? God, what a beautiful guy …. 😉

We had a lot of fun last night, first at the Gay Pride Parade in downtown St. Petersburg, and then at a gay hotel and bar facility that was right on our way home from the parade. Okay, I had a bit more to drink than I should have, but it was fun dancing and the cruising in the bar was pretty intense. Men were looking for love like crazy.

francisco lachowski #3My boyfriend and I have been taking it easy on the island today. We read the Sunday newspaper, and then after lunch we took a walk on the beach, followed by a nice swim in the Gulf. We showered on our private patio afterward, and then we drove to the supermarket. After my boyfriend heads back to Sarasota for the workweek, I’m having two friends over for dinner around seven PM. The three of us will be traveling to Cuba this coming Saturday, for a week’s stay in that country, and we have to do some planning. I’m going to prepare baked chicken with mushroom and sherry sauce, along with rice and vegetables. It’s a tasty dish almost everyone likes.

We’ll do a bit of wine-drinking, of course, but nothing to serious because we all have things to do tomorrow. I want to get up early and walk on the beach before the temperature gets to warm. Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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