Hot, shirtless guys wearing backpacks; another scorcher day on the island ….

backpack #13Hi, friends and readers:

I love the way a sexy guy looks when he’s shirtless but wearing a backpack on his shoulders. I’m not sure why I find that look so appealing, but check out Mr. Red Ball Cap to the left here, and you’ll see what I mean. If he were at my beach I’d follow him around all day. 🙂

I spent an hour at our timeshare’s swimming pool last night, and then I came home and went to bed. I was tired from my YMCA workout and from the yard work I performed when I got home from the Y. I ended up sleeping until 8:15 this morning, and by then it was too damned hot outside to take a walk on the beach. So, I made a quick breakfast and brewed a pot of coffee, and then I got busy writing new material for my novel-in-progress, now at 35,000 words a going strong. I just added a new character to the story who will play a major part in its outcome, but I’m not sure exactly how. That’s the fun of writing fiction, you see. I never know how a story’s going to turn out because eventually my characters will tell me how it will end.

backpack #3Okay, here’s one of my favorite “backpack” photos of all time. I’ve posted the picture of Mr. Low-hanging Boardshorts before, but I’m sure you won’t mind a repeat. Imagine walking next to him at the beach. I’m afraid I couldn’t keep my eyes off the drawstring on his shorts. Aye-yi-yi ….

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up next week, but I will be in Cuba that day, so we are celebrating tonight instead. This afternoon I’m driving down to Sarasota, where he’s working for the summer, and we’ll go out for for drinks and then dinner at a nice restaurant. It’ll be a fun evening, and then I’ll spend the night with him, which should also be fun. 😉

All right, everyone, I need to get a few thing done before lunchtime arrives, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday, wherever you might be.

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