Boys ready for spankings. There’s a ritual involved.

spanking readyHi, friends and readers:

It’s a sad fact that certain young men can’t seem to control their aberrant behaviors. They skip school, smoke cigarettes, stay out too late, and drink to excess. And oftentimes the only way their dads can get through to them about the error of their ways is a red hot, bare bottom spanking with a paddle or belt, or even a wooden hairbrush.

I’ve spanked a few young men in my day, and there’s an entire ritual involved when it’s done right. The boy should lower his pants and briefs, and then await punishment, sometimes for fifteen minutes or more before the spanking begins. A proper spanking will always bring forth tears, no exceptions. And afterward he should do at least a half-hour of “corner time” with his pants still down, so he can ponder what he did wrong and how he can avoid future spankings. The whole thing should take close to an hour, and when it’s over the boy’s behavior will generally improve, at least for a few weeks, and then it’s time for another spanking.

So it goes ….

I know some gay men find either giving or getting a spanking, or observing a spanking being administered, to be highly arousing. If that sort of thing appeals to you, you might want to check out this video:

spanking ready #2I rose at 7:45 this morning, to take a steamy three mile walk on the beach. God, it was hot down there. I was sweating like a farm animal by the walk’s end, but I cooled off by swimming in the Gulf of Mexico for about five minutes, and then I returned to the house for a nice, cool shower on our private patio. After a quick breakfast, I poured myself a cup of coffee, ad then I got busy writing new material for my novel-in-progress. Now it’s 11:15 AM and I am done writing for the day.

This afternoon I need to commence packing for my trip to Cuba. Our plane departs Tampa International around one P.M. Saturday, which isn’t far off. I’ll do laundry, visit the bank to get more cash (Credit cards don’t work in Cuba.), get my passport and visa together, and pay household bills that are sitting on my desk. Then tonight I’ll meet with my traveling companions to go over final preparations for the trip.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Boys ready for spankings. There’s a ritual involved.

    • Thank you, Meyer. I have never been to Cuba before; the trip will be an adventure. We are taking all sorts of things for the people down there: toiletries, school supplies, baseball equipment, etc. I’ll report on the trip on my website when I return.


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