Another hot guy in a backward ball cap; I’m off to Cuba ….

ball cap backward #5Hi, friends and readers:

Tomorrow morning, very early, I depart Tampa Airport with two friends to visit the island of Cuba, my first trip there. I’m so excited about the trip, eager to see new places and new faces, like maybe the guy to the left here. I wonder if his name is Pedro?

I’m going to keep this post short because I need to get busy with my final packing. This will be my last post for a week because Internet is not available in Cuba at this time. My boyfriend will be here shortly, along with a colleague who is spending the weekend here. Two friends form Orlando are also staying in our vacation rental next door for the holiday weekend. I’m preparing a nice meal for us tonight, so it should be a fun evening.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend, friends. I’ll post a week from tomorrow.

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