Cute boy lying in the hay; I’m back from Germany ….

thinkingHi, friends and readers:

It’s nine PM Florida time tonight, but it’s three AM in Germany, from whence I just arrived two hours ago. I had a ten-hour flight from Frankfurt to Tampa, and I am totally exhausted ¬†after spending sixteen days in Several German cities with my German friends. I visited Frankfurt, Hannover, Berlin, Bremen, Spiekeroog (an island on the North Sea), and Hamburg.

As always, the beautiful German boys and men blew me away; it’s quite the gene pool for creating guys with smooth skin, thick hair, gorgeous eyes, and blinding smiles. (Like the boy in tonight’s photo post.) And people over there are so welcoming to Americans, as long as we let them know we respect their country for all it has to offer.

I am too tired tonight to write much more about my travels. Combined with my Cuba trip I have been on the road for over three weeks. But I am feeling fine. I just need to do laundry and get back to my regular exercise routine.

I’ll post a lot more tomorrow. For right now let me thank all of you who kept visiting this site while I was gone in Cuba and Germany. I love you guys; I really do. Have a nice Tuesday night, wherever you might be.

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