Hot boys and swimming pools; I’m packing for another trip ….

swimmerHi, friends and readers:

Here in Florida our swimming pools are an integral part of our daily lives. We spend a lot of time in the water, trying to beat the summer heat that last about five months every year, from June to late October.

We don’t have our own pool, but we own a timeshare unit down the street where we have year-round use of the pool, hot tub, and sauna, and we use all three a lot. Sometimes when we go down there we’ll encounter some cute guys hanging out in their swimsuits, which only makes the swimming more enjoyable. Don’t you just love the cute behind on the boy to the left?

I was up at seven this morning, but I had to wait for twenty minutes before I went on my three-mile beach walk because rain was falling. Once the rain stopped, I headed for the shore, and I was rewarded by a beautiful rainbow arching over the Gulf of Mexico. What a great way to start the day ….

swimming pool #2Now, check out Mr. Tropical Drink in the photo to the left here. I don’t think he’s twenty-one, so I’d guess that stuff he’s sipping on is non-alcoholic, but who knows? Anyway, he’s pretty darned cute.

My boyfriend and I depart for Maine and Canada very early tomorrow, so we have to pack our bags this afternoon so we’ll be ready for the taxi at 5:45 AM on Sunday. After all the traveling I have done over the past month I feel like I can pack my bag blindfolded, but I’ll take my time so I don’t forget anything essential that I will need during our trip. The places we’ll stay in Maine and Canada will not have Internet access, so today’s posts will be my last for about ten days.

It’s okay, friends. You can entertain yourselves by looking at posts from previous years or by purchasing a Martin Delacroix book to read while I am gone. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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