A boy and his Popsicle; I’m back home from Maine and Canada ….

popsicleHi, friends and readers:

I don’t normally post video clips; they take up too much space on my host’s server, but I came across this video when I got home this afternoon, and I thought it was so funny¬†and¬†provocative that I had to post it right away. Who on Earth is this lad? Does anyone know?

Yeah, I’m back from a trip I took with my boyfriend to Maine and Nova Scotia, where we enjoyed impeccable weather and saw many beautiful things that nature in that area of the world has to offer. We did a great deal of hiking, ate some great seafood (no Popsicles), and met some very nice people.

twink #4As long as I’m posting twink photos today I thought I’d throw in the one to the left. He’s a cutie, isn’t he? I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s … Cameron from Newport Beach, CA. He’s a spoiled rich kid who does well in school without even trying, and all the girls are after him, but … he doesn’t like girls. Hmmm ….

Well, I am all unpacked from our trip. We visited our island supermarket to stock the fridge and cupboards, and then I took a two-mile run on the street to sort of get the jet travel jitters out of my system. Now I’ve just opened a cold beer and I am ready for a relaxed evening. I’ll cook dinner for us while my boyfriend gets some work done, and then maybe we’ll watch some more of the Olympics on TV. Not a very exciting evening, but it’s fine with me. No matter where we travel, it always feels good to get home. Have a nice Thursday evening, friends.

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