Hot guys, lounging around naked; Martin’s getting back to his normal life ….

on the sofaHi, friends and readers:

When a guy’s home alone, especially on the weekend, he often feels the urge to shed his clothing and hang out naked while watching a bit of TV or whatever. It’s all very harmless, really, and it’s very relaxing. When I was in college I had one roommate who did it all the time, whether I was at home or not. He was pretty hot, and I always looked forward to seeing him showing off his stuff. Jake, where are you today?

Today is our first full day at home, following our trip to Maine and Canada, and we are both busy getting back to our usual routines. I rose at seven AM this morning, to take a delightful, three-mile walk at the beach. At that hour the temperature was still cool, so I didn’t even break a sweat as I strode alone the shore. I encountered very few people. At the end I took a swim in the Gulf, and then I showered on our patio when I got home. What a great way to start the day. 🙂

on the bed #2Oh, do you find the young man to the left as sexy as I do? What a great pair of buns. He could lie on my carpet any day of the week if he wanted to ….

I spent the better part of my morning doing edits on my novel-in-progress, to kind of get back into the flow of the book. Now it’s almost lunch time, and there’s laundry spinning in the clothes dryer that I’ll need to fold before we eat. After lunch, we’ll head into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming, always a nice experience.

My boyfriend has to take an examination tomorrow morning, so we won’t be doing anything too exciting this evening. Maybe we’ll visit our timeshare down the street to take a swim in the pool. Have a nice Friday, friends, wherever you are.

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