Hot guys in white briefs; I’m off to the fishing camp ….

white briefs #2Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes a guy looks sexiest when he’s wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting white briefs, I don’t know why. During my high school and college days all the guys I knew wore white briefs, and I saw plenty of sexy bulges in the locker rooms at school and in the hallways of my fraternity house. Ah, the good old days ….

I woke up super-early this morning, around six AM. I’m waiting for daylight to arrive before I visit the beach for my usual three-mile walk, so I thought I would post before leaving the house. I won’t have time later today, for reasons I’ll explain.

Today around mid-morning my boyfriend and I will load up my Honda Element for a trip to our fishing camp. It’s located on a river, right where the river empties into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s on of my favorite places in the world.

white briefs #3Before we can leave I’ll need to run a few errands: bait and tackle shop, supermarket for ice, booze market for wine, and butcher shop for a good steak to grill while we’re up at the river. All of that will only take about an hour at most, and then we’ll get on our way.

Yeah, it’s a lot of trouble going up there with all our gear, food, and clothing, but it’s well worth it, believe me. The place is beautiful and isolated, and we almost always catch fish to bring home. This trip we will also go scalloping, since the season is on and scallop-collecting is so much fun. We anchor the boat in about eight feet of water, about three miles offshore, and then we use a mask and snorkel, along with fins, to dive to the bottom to find the scallops.

This will be my last post until Thursday, when we return to our island home west of St. Petersburg, so you guys have a good time while I am gone. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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