The sexy spanking scene from “Queer As Folk” …

queer as folk justinHi, friends and readers:

If you’re as old as me then you probably remember the ground-breaking cable TV series, Queer as Folk, which aired during the years 2000-2005. In my opinion, the first two season were the best, and my favorite character, Justin, whose photo you see here, was so cute. He had the most beautiful, bubble butt. And one of my favorite scenes of all time was the night Justin older boyfriend, Brian, gave him a bare-bottom spanking on their living room sofa. You can see stills from the scene here:

spanked #2I know a lot of you out there find spanking a sensual activity with your sexual partners, and I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed spanking a few young men in my day. Giving a lad a nice warm bottom can be a great prelude to sex. If you like that sort of thing then you might want to check out this website, where you can watch previews clips of sexy spanking videos:

On to other matters …. I had a great workout and lap-swimming session with my boyfriend at the YMCA this afternoon. I feel like I’m getting back into shape after all the travel I did this summer when I couldn’t go to the gym or even go for a run. Now we’re home and ready for a quiet evening.

Have a nice Monday night, friends.

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