Sexy, shirtless guys; productive day for Martin ….

shirtless #7Hi, friends and readers:

I love it when I encounter a guy on the street who is not wearing a shirt. If he has the right kind of body he looks terrific, and I’ll find it hard to keep my eyes off him, even at the risk of getting caught staring. I  could gaze at the guys in today’s photo pics for hours. I know, the lad to the left here is no beefcake, but that’s okay. He has just the kind of body I’d like to worship in the bedroom for a couple of hours. I wonder if he’s a rent boy?

Well, I didn’t post this morning because I had a slew of places to go: dentist for a cleaning, florist, wine market, drug store, and supermarket. When I got home I ate a quick lunch, and then I got busy taking care of well … business matters, and that consumed the better part of my afternoon. Now everything is caught up and I can refocus on my writing tomorrow morning. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction one gets from taking care of practical matters, even if they’re slightly boring.

shirtless #12Have a look at Mr. White Calvins, here to the left. What an amazing body. Now, if he were my boyfriend he would never wear a shirt at home so I could admire all that smooth, rippling flesh.

Around 4:30 this afternoon, I took a two-mile run, here on the island, and god was it hot out there. I think the temperature was 94 degrees. But at least a decent breeze was blowing and I got the job done. Now I’m sitting in the air conditioned comfort of my home with a nice cold beer at my side.

We don’t have much planned for the evening, other than sharing a pizza with our good friend and neighbor, and maybe visiting our timeshare down the street for a swim in the pool.

All right, everyone, I need to grab a shower, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a pleasant Tuesday evening. And if your boyfriend’s as sexy as mine is, tell him to take off his shirt. I’m sure he won’t mind. 😉

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