Beautiful blond guys; hurricane headed for Florida ….

blond beauty #5Hi, friends and readers:

My tastes run to guys with fair skin, dark hair, and dark eyes; that’s my thing. But I know many gay men have a craving for young men with bond hair and blue eyes, like the ones in today’s photo posts, and I can certainly understand their appeal. Both young men are beautiful, aren’t they?

Well, I didn’t post this morning for a couple of reasons. A hurricane is churning in the Gulf of Mexico, a bit northwest of us. It’s hurling huge rain bands at the Gulf Coast of Florida, and we were worried that our boat might be swamped, at the marina where we keep it. So this morning we had to drive all the way up there so check things out. Fortunately, there was only a small amount of water in the boat, and that we used a bilge pump to drain out of the boat.

blond beauty #6On the way back home I had to drop my boyfriend and his luggage off at the Tampa Airport, as he is flying to Southern California to spend the long weekend with ย his best friend from his college days.

When I got back to our island, the only access road to our neighborhood was seriously flooded. Fortunately for me, my Honda Element sits pretty high above the pavement and I was able to get through the water so I could reach home. But now I am stranded until the water recedes.

It’s okay, I have beer and wine and plenty of food, and the power hasn’t been interrupted, so I am good. Outside the wind is blowing about 25-30 MPH, and every so often another ran band sweeps over the island. I’ll stay inside this evening, and maybe watch a movie on Netflix streaming.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful blond guys; hurricane headed for Florida ….

  1. Could both pics belong to the same lovely guy? Well, now I know how the sexiest, most beautiful boy I would give myself unto looks like… ๐Ÿ˜›

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