Beautiful men in black-and-white; another stormy day on the island ….

black and white beauty #14Hi, friends and readers:

At least once a week I will post black-and-white photos I consider outstanding, and today is a good black-and-white photo day, I think. I love both these photos, especially the one to the left here. He looks like he just got out of bed, doesn’t he? And wouldn’t you like to have shared that bed with him? Now, if he were my boyfriend I’d tell him to forget about that shirt he’s holding, and I might tell him to ditch those Calvin Klein briefs as well. (“Spend the day naked, Pablo.”)

Okay, I digress …. 😉

Hurricane Hermine has made a mess of Florida’s upper Gulf Coast, and it seems quite possible that my boat may be underwater as I write these words. It seems the area where I keep my boat experienced a nine-foot storm surge around two AM today. Oh well, the boat’s insured.

black and white beauty #8Okay, here is the second photo, and isn’t he a beautiful guy? His expression is serious. What do you suppose is on his mind? Is he thinking about how good the sex with his boyfriend was, just minutes before? Who knows?

Outside, the rain continues to fall and there are occasional thunder rumbles. The hurricane is now in north Florida, but is still affecting us in major ways. For instance, the single access road for our community is badly flooded, so we can’t get out right now, and that situation will likely continue for the better part of today. In other words, I am stuck at home.

I was supposed to be hosting two friends for dinner tonight, but I don’t even know if they can get out here from town. The whole situation is a damned mess, but at least I have electrical power, Internet access, and plenty of food and alcohol, so I’m in good shape. I’ll do a little writing, and await a report on my boat from folks up there.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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