More beautiful guys in black-and-white; I’m feeling angry as hell ….

black and white beauty #12Hi, friends and readers:

I thought I’d continue this morning’s theme of sexy guys in black-and-white photos, so I am posting two of my favorites. The guy to the left here looks just like a fraternity brother of mine in college who I developed a huge crush on when we lived in the fraternity house together. He was a total sweetie, and many times he and I showered next to each other in the house’s communal bath and shower room. God, was he gorgeous. Jerry, where are you today?

black and white beauty #26At the moment I am feeling angry and disgusted, Last summer I bought a used boat and motor to use at a fishing camp I rent. The camp is on an island on a river, right where it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. I keep the boat in a marina up there. Well, early this morning, Hurricane Hermine sent a huge storm surge into the river and it capsized our boat in its slip at the marina. This means the outboard engine is toast, and who knows about the hull and all the equipment we keep in the boat. Yeah, I have insurance on the boat, but dealing with the whole situation will be a huge pain in the ass. And then I’ll have to find another boat.

As my late friend Dale used to say: “Sometimes life sucks.”

Well, it was just a boat, and now it’s probably gone. The insurance company will probably give me a check, and that’ll be that. Wonderful … just wonderful …. Since my boyfriend is in Southern California for the weekend, I don’t even have him to gripe at, so I guess I will call a few friends and rant to them. It’s all I know to do.

I hope you’ll have a better Friday night than I’m having, friends.

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