A boyfriend in your bed. What could be better?

boyfriend in bed #3Hi, friends and readers:

There’s nothing quite like walking into your bedroom and fining your lovely boyfriend stretched out on the mattress and looking at you with that “Come and get it” expression on his handsome face. It’s also nice just waking up next to your boyfriend in the morning, and maybe snuggling with him for a bit before the two of you get up. Ah, boyfriends. They’re the best …..

boyfriend in bed #5I have spent the large part of my day dealing with my boat insurance company and their people who are handling the removal of my totaled boat that was wrecked by Hurricane Hermine. Everyone has been really nice, but it’s still been a lousy day, dealing with everything. I feel so bad about the boat; I really liked it. But there’s nothing I can do about the situation except chalk it up to a loss.

A friend was supposed to have dinner with me tonight, but he drives a low-slung sports car and our access road to our neighborhood is still flooded, so he had to cancel, meaning I will spend my Saturday night alone. šŸ™ Since my boyfriend is in California this weekend, I won’t have him waiting for me in my bed either. šŸ™

Oh, well, have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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