Hot guys in Speedos; pretty Sunday on the island ….

speedo black #3Hi, friends and readers:

I keep telling myself that I have got to attend a swim meet in my area sometime soon. I understand the sights can be quite incredible, as evidenced by the photos I have posted here this evening. The blond guy to the left here is about as beautiful a young male as I have ever seen. Look at rippling abs and  powerful thighs, and then imagine spending an evening with him in a very private place. Delicious …. 😉

Well, it’s official: the insurance company declared my boat “totaled.” Their guy got the boat out of the water and onto my boat trailer, and now the boat’s stored on land until it goes to the salvage yard. What a terrible ending to deal with. I really liked that boat and we had so much fun on it. I absolutely hate hurricanes because they can be so destructive.

Speedo at poolOn to more cheerful things ….

My dinner party last night was a great success. The burgers came out juicy and the corn-on-the-cob was so sweet and tasty. Much beer and wine was consumed and I shared a Cuban cigar with one of my friends I went to Cuba with. (I didn’t inhale, just savored the flavor.) One of the guys stayed in my vacation rental apartment next door last night, and we’ve been hanging out all day today. I took a three-mile walk on the beach around three PM, it was nice. And tonight my friend and his girlfriend will  have dinner with me.

It’s a beautiful evening, here on the island. It’s warm outside, but there’s a nice breeze blowing and the sun is shining, and I think we’ll be spending time on my observation deck later on. It’s a perfect night to watch sailboats cruise by on the Intracoastal Waterway, to savor a nice glass of wine and feel the breeze on my cheeks. I’m so lucky I live in this lovely place, and so happy to have friends to share it with.

Have a great Sunday night, friends.

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