More guys in backward ball caps; quiet night ahead for Martin ….

ball cap backward #2Hi, friends and readers:

I liked the “backward ball cap” photos I posted this morning so much that I decided to post two more this evening. I especially like the one to the left here, not only because the young man is quite sexy, but I love the expression on his face. He looks like he’s about to do something he doesn’t really look forward to. I wonder what it is? Or did he just have an argument with his boyfriend? Who knows?

I had a fine workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA this afternoon, but I was surprised at crowded things were there. I thought people would skip their exercise routines because it was Labor Day, but no.

ball cap backward #6I love the photo to the left here as well. The kid looks stoned, doesn’t he? But he’s still super-cute.

After my visit to the YMCA I had to visit the supermarket to restock the fridge and cupboard, and then I came home. I spent an hour looking at used boats on Craig’s List, but I’m not really sure I want to get into boat ownership again, not after the storm damaged our present boat to the point that it’s totaled. I’m ┬ánot ready to make any quick decisions on the situation. The whole hurricane episode is still too fresh in my mind.

All right, folks, I’m going to close out this post by wishing all of you a happy Labor Day evening. If you had the day off, I hop you enjoyed yourself.

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