Two favorite black-and-white photos; another busy day for Martin ….

boys-kiss-boysHi, friends and readers:

You guys know how much I love good-quality black-and-white photography, and I especially like the two photos I have posted here this evening.

Check out Mr. Black T-shirt to the left here. I love the shirt, of course, and the boy is cute as hell. Don’t you know he’d be a rascal in the bedroom, but awfully fun too. I wonder if he’s a top or a bottom? (I’m guessing bottom ….) I actually have a feeling that his t-shirt was photo-shopped onto him, but I still like the picture.

Well, I’ve had a busy day today. It started with a three-mile walk on the beach and a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. After breakfast I drove my friend home from the auto repair garage, and then I got busy on the phone, dealing first with health insurance coverage changes. Then I was on the phone with two different insurance folks form the company that insured my boat that was just totaled in the hurricane. Everyone was real pleasant and I think things will turn out fine, but I must’ve dealt with ten lengthy phone calls during the morning.

black-and-white-beauty-15Oh, do you find the photo to the left as intriguing as I do? Of course, the boy’s cute, but I like the way he is posed and the expression on his face. He looks lie he’s terribly unhappy about something. I like his rolled-up pant legs and sneakers without socks. He looks like a working class kid for sure.

I visited the YMCA this afternoon for a full workout and lap-swimming session. I even got my own lap lane today, a rarity. After a pleasant shower, I headed home. I took my friend to pick up his car, and then I hit the supermarket for various things we’ll need during the remainder of the week.

Now I am home and ready to open a cold beer to begin my evening. I’m preparing a baked ziti dish that is one of my favorites. I have not made it in a while and I’m looking forward to both preparing it and eating it. 🙂 Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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