The beautiful art of Gabriel Garbow ….

gabriel garbow #2Hi, friends and readers:

Gabriel Garbow is a highly talented artist who lives in Minneapolis and creates wonderful works of art he sells through his website. I’m posting two of his works here this morning. And if you want to see more, just click on the button in the sidebar to the right; it’ll take you to Garbow’s site.

The title of the drawing to the left here is: “If you can’t take it like a man, you don’t deserve to look like one.” I take that to mean that the two figures are a couple, with the man on the left being the dominant partner and the boy the submissive partner. Apparently the boy was unable to handle anal penetration and is getting his armpit hair shaved off as punishment. Notice how he’s blushing as the razor drags across his tender skin? It’s an interesting glimpse into a dom/sub relationship, and kind of sexy in its own way, I think. Would you agree?

gabriel-garbowHere’s another Garbow drawing I really like. I think it’s amazing how Garbow captures the play of light on the model’s skin and hair. And I love the model’s delicate features.

On to other matters ….

Because I live in Florida, and I live in a frame building, I have to contend with termites. This summer we experienced a termite “swarm”, meaning termites have infested the house, and the only way to get rid of them is to place a sealed tent over the building, and then pump poison gas into the tent. This means we have to trim all the foliage away from the building so the exterminator can get the tent securely fitted to the building. It’ll be a real pain in the ass, and we have to get started on it today. Oh, boy.

My Florida Gators are playing Kentucky at 3:30 PM today, and I want to watch the game, so my boyfriend and I will have to get our work out of the way before then. Time to get busy, Martin.

Have a great Saturday, everyone.

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  1. On 08/15 you wrote, “I like photos of young men who are looking through a window or sitting near one.” Interesting. And on 08/19 you posted that great photograph of a slender young man in white briefs looking through a window! And oh for the days when every guy wore Jockey, and college basketball players played in jocks and short shorts!

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