Sexy football players; the season’s underway ….

football-3Hi, friends and readers:

I never played football in high school or college; I was too skinny and slow. But I certainly enjoyed watching other guys play, especially when they wore revealing outfits, like the ones worn by the guys in today’s photo posts. Under Armour indeed …. 😉

Yes, the 2016 college football season is underway, and I watched far too much of it yesterday. The best game, of course, was my Florida Gators versus Kentucky. The Gators crushed the Wildcats 45-7, and I kind of like our new quarterback, Luke Del Rio. I wonder if he has a boyfriend?

football-2I was up late last night; I just wasn’t sleepy, and as a result I ended up sleeping until ten this morning, so I didn’t take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. I was also tired from doing some rather brutal tree and shrub trimming tasks yesterday. It was very hot and humid, and I was exhausted by the time we were finished with our work. All I wanted to do was stay in the air conditioning and watch football. Sadly, the guy to the left here wasn’t playing. Don’t you love those jerseys that show off a guy’s abdominal muscles? Yummy ….

Right now it’s almost noon. I read the Sunday newspaper from cover to cover, and shared a simply breakfast with my boyfriend. Now he’s doing school work and I have editing to finish on a book I’ll have coming out this fall. I’m sure at some point we’ll be watching an NFL game, and I’ll probably cook something on the charcoal grille for tonight’s dinner. It’s a easy Sunday for us, and that’s just fine with me. Have a nice Sunday, friends, wherever you might be.

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