One more jock photo; quiet night on the island ….

hairy-calvesHi, friends and readers:

I know you guys liked the “jock” photos I posted this morning, so I thought I would post one more for your viewing pleasure. Okay, he’s not holding a ball or anything, but you can take one look at him and you know he plays one or more sports; he has the build for any number.s of activities, including, of course, bedroom calisthenics. 😉 His eyes have an almost cruel look to them, like he might get a little rough in the sack. But rough’s not such a bad thing between two gay men, now is it?

I had a good day. I got a lot of work done in the writing department, and I even had time to take a three-mile walk on the beach this afternoon. I took a dip in the Gulf, and then I returned to the house for a patio shower. I spoke on the phone with a relative I hadn’t spoken to since March, and then I took a solid two-mile run on the street. It felt so good I was hardly winded when I finished.

I have fresh grouper from our island’s seafood market baking in the oven. If you’ve never tasted grouper, it’s our tastiest Gulf fish, especially if the person cooking it knows what he is doing, and I do. I’ll team it with mac & cheese and some veggies, a total feast.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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