Beautiful athletes; ultra-steamy evening on the island ….

shot-putHi, friends and readers:

I’ve never been much of an athlete. Sadly, I was always too skinny and slow to excel at any sport. But have always enjoyed participating in sports nonetheless: surfing, basketball, touch football, baseball, tennis, and distance running have been favorites of mine at various points in my life.And I have always enjoyed watching sports, especially live and in person. Lately I have come to enjoy watching our Tampa Bay Lightning play hockey. My boyfriend and I have attended games several times, and now that I understand the game better, I enjoy going.

football-5Another sport I really enjoy watching is Florida Gator football. I was raised a Gator since my dad went to school at University of Florida. And of course I attended UF as an undergraduate as well. Unfortunately, the Gators don’t play shirtless like Mr. Sexy to the left here. What a total babe ….

Well I’m home from the YMCA. I had a nice workout, but the pool was closed due to bad weather in the area. I drove home in a blinding rainstorm that made it very difficult to see, but when I reached our island everything was bone dry, no rain had fallen. Outside it is extremely hot and humid. The dew point is at 74 right now, which makes for miserable conditions. I’m lucky to have a good air conditioning system in my home, so it stays nice and cool in here. 🙂

Have a nice Wednesday evening, friends.

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