Hot guys in the kitchen; sweltering day on the island ….

kitchen-boy-3Hi, friends and readers:

I love photos of hot, scantily-clad guys who are hard at work in the kitchen. There’s just something sexy about the photos I have posted here today, and I don’t know why. But I’d sure like to walk into my kitchen and fins Mr. Hot Buns to the left here. 😉

I got up at 7:30 this morning, to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. Conditions down there were hot and still, even at that early hour, and I returned home quite sweaty and ready for an outdoor shower on our patio.

kitchen-boy-1I really like the photo to the left, even though it’s a little grainy, because the boy in the photo is so damned cute. I love his dinosaur undies and his tousled hair. I wonder if he is fixing breakfast for his boyfriend? Do you think his boyfriend put that bandage on his right leg for him? I’ll bet he did.

I spent my entire morning working on edits on my novel that publishes this month. It’s such a huge book–it’s over 500 pages–that spotting all the typos in the manuscript has taken forever, but I think I am finally done. I am so pleased with the way the book turned out, and so eager to see how it’s received by readers.

It’s around one PM here. I just finished having lunch and reading the newspaper, and I would like to get some yard work done this afternoon. But it’s so damned hot and humid outside I don’t think I want to risk heat stroke just for the sake of trimming shrubs and raking up leaves. I keep hoping that summer’s heat is going to fade, now that we’re the tail end of September, but so far no relief is in sight. I’ll wait for an overcast day to do the yard work, and I’ll find something else to do with my afternoon instead.

Have a great Thursday, everyone.

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