Sexy boys with freckles; quiet Sunday on the island ….

freckles-2Hi, friends and readers:

There’s something terribly sexy about a guy with freckles on his face, or even on his shoulders, like the boys in today’s photo posts. Actually, my current novel-in-progress features a character named Terrence who is physically modeled after the boy in the photo to the left. In my novel, Terrence and another boy named Levi are traveling across the United States in a panel van, each of the two for a different reason. Levi is straight and self-confident, while Terrence is gay and very unsure of himself. Along the way, they get to know each other very well; it’s a growing experience for both guys. And no. I don’t know how the story is going to end.

I rose around eight this morning, but I didn’t take a walk on the beach because conditions outside were too hot and still. I’ll wait to walk until late this afternoon when the Gulf breeze starts blowing.

freckles-and-necklaceI just finished reading the entire Sunday newspaper, which was interesting, but I’m in kind of a bad mood because my Florida Gators blew an eighteen-point lead to Tennessee yesterday. They ended up losing the football game, and I ended up drowning my sorrows in wine. Needless to say I’m not feeling real chipper at this point.

It’s quiet, here on the island this morning. With the winter tourists yet to arrive and the kids all back in school we don’t get the huge beach crowds we normally experience on weekends, and I am fine with that. I like the quiet. I have some work to do in the writing department, and if the sky clouds up later on I might do some yard work.

All right, everyone, I need to get busy, so I will wish all of you a wonderful Sunday, wherever you might be today.

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